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Introduction To PrepperWiki

Welcome to the Preppers Wiki

What Is Prepping

Where Should I Start

  • Step 1 A good place to start is the basic 72 Hour Kit as recomended by the American Red Cross.
  • Step 2 From this kit you should build an Every Day Carry (EDC) kit.
  • Step 3 The next step is to start customizing your 72 Hour Kit to suit your prep plan and needs such as a Bug Out Bag
  • Step 4 Finally expand your kit into an Extended Duration Kit (XDK) kit.


for every event you should have a plan ready to deal with it.
Take a look at the Scenarios outlined here to get you thinking about what could effect you and your family so you can make your own plan to deal with it.

Common Natural Disasters

Common natural disasters like fire, flood, earthquake, tornado, hurricane, tsunami happen frequently. Every person should be able to deal with these with out reling on outside aid. Preferrably well enough to help out a neighbor leaving the Red cross and other disaster responders free to help out those that really need it.

Man Made Disasters

Man made problems like civil unrest, terrorism, nuclear power plants problems, chemical spills also happen from time to time. Your Prep Plan should also consider these.

Global Disasters

Global events like the Carrington event, economic collapse, nuclear exchange, asteroid impact, pandemic have the potential to disrupt your community, state, and nation to the point that there may not be help available. You are going to have to assume that you are on your own and plan accorningly.

Prep Kits

72 Hour Kit General emergency kit.
Every Day Carry Kit.
Bug Out Bag (BOB) Evacuation Kit.
Extended Duration Kit. Extremely Deep (Sh*t) Kit.

Prep Groups


Prep Plans

Bug Out
Shelter In Place
Dig In

Prep Guides and Skills

First Aid
Purifing Water
Distiling Water

Gear Reviews

Flashlight Reviews
CB Radio Reviews
Battery Reviews
FRS Radio Reviews
Knife Reviews
Multitool Reviews
Amateur Radio Transciever Reviews

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